jonathan troupe


When he is not on the dance floor you will find Jonathan surfing the north shores of Hawaii, racing sailboats in the Caribbean, practicing  yoga or playing the Shakuhachi Flute. However most of the time you will find him dancing.  

A latin dance enthusiest since 2005 jonthan has traveled the world in pursuit of the best dance festivals. during the DC bachata festival in 2010 he fell in “ZoukLove at first sight”and never looked back. After being exposed to Zouk that first time Jonathan Started private lessons the same week and soon began to plan a entire years journey to travel and dance at every stop. Since then Jonathan’s international travels have been high-jacked by zouk dancing and trainings taking him around the world in search of great teachers to study with one on one. After traveling to LA, Miami, Holland, Spain, Czech Republic and Brazil for extended lengths to train and  study Zouk,  he has seen a wide variety of styles. Jonathan is a passionate advocate for the zouk scene in North America. He introduced Zouk in Hawaii with Rachel Meth in 2011 and has assisted with creating the “Dances of Love Festival” and has taught numerous workshops around the country sharing a wealth of knowledge with his Zouk family near and far.