The 6th Annual Spiral Dancers Mzouk Intensive!

We recently had the pleasure of attending the 6th Annual Spiral Dancers "M-Zouk" training in Barcelona, Spain.  The 6 day intensive is led by world renowned Zouk instructors, Daniel and Leticia, who have been training together as partners for over 20 years! The current longest zouk dancer partnership in the world. 

During the 36 hours of training, it became all to apparent that these two instructors were not just about teaching us some new moves but also about turning us into dancers, dancers who understand the overall fabric of Zouk technique.  Proper body position, spinal alignment and head position became things that we didn't just mention, but went in depth on.  That was just the tipping point! We had different classes on acrobatics, zouk/mzouk history, ladies/men styling, free style, improvisations, hip hop, contemporary dance and so much more! Our class size was limited to a maximum of 30 people, so it was a small group and we had more private attention.  

Students came from all over the world and from all different walks of life.  Some, like us, had only minimal experience with the M-Zouk technique, and some have danced it more often.  We all started from the basics and worked our way up in the concepts and learned how to make this dance, our own dance.  We now have more zouk friends around the world.  It was truly one of the most unique zouk training experiences that you could have imagine! 

This training is held every year in August in the magical city of Barcelona. When you are not training zouk (which is all the time), you can go out and explore the mystical streets of the gothic district that are spotted with buildings designed by the famous Gaudí, enter the everlasting-never finishing Sagrada Familia, or have a bite at a swanky tapas bar. What ever you do, do not go to the Anti Karaoke bar and sing Cowboys from Hell unless you really know the words well!!  For us this was a truly unique experience that we highly recommend to any one looking to take there zouk dance to the next level!  

If you want professional, technically oriented, fast paced zouk training.... this is one of your best options! it's super mega ultra muy bien! 

-Island Zouk