Cofounder of Island Zouk

Gigi Mak hails from Springfield, Virginia.  In 2004, she started learning latin dances including: Salsa, Bachata, and Merengue. In 2011, during her travels she was introduced to Zouk at Berg's International Zouk-Lambada Congress in Porto Seguro, Brazil.  Gigi then spent the next 4 years studying Zouk at various international Zouk congresses training with world renowned Zouk instructors. In 2012, she was fortunate enough to have been personally taught extensively by Evelyn Magyari of the Netherlands and Kamacho in 2015.

Jonathan and Gigi have been dance partners in the Hawaiian Islands since 2011. Together, they share their passion for Zouk to the budding scene on Oahu and Big Island and internationally. They both continue to inspire their students by holding Zouk workshops that are fun, fresh and technically oriented, establishing a firm foundation on the primary Zouk dance principles. They have performed and taught on Maui, Kauai, Oahu and Big Island at various functions as well as at the “Dances of Loves Festival” on Oahu, The LA Zouk Congress 2013, 2014. Big plans ahead for the future of Brazilian Zouk in Hawaii.