Off of the dance floor you'll find Jonathan surfing the north shore of Hawaii, racing sailboats, practicing yoga in the sun or playing one of his Shakuhachi flutes. However, most of the time you will find Jonathan on the dance floor immersed in Zouk.   

 After traveling for 2 years to train with the most sought after instructors in Brazil, Spain, Holland, Los Angeles Jonathan Settled in the island of Oahu so he could live out both his passion for surfing and dancing zouk in paradise.

 In the year 2011 Jonathan Introduced Brazilian Zouk to the islands of Hawaii for the first time along with Rachel Meth. Later he formed the dance company Island Zouk with Co-Founder Gigi Mak and together they created the Island Zouk instructor program which now brings the finest quality instructors in the world to the island's of Hawaii.

Jonathan has been a featured instructor at festivals & Workshops throughout North america at the LA Zouk Congress, New Yorks Fall for Zouk, and Miami Zouk Congress, Vancouver Canada, Bangkok Thailand & Tokyo Japan.  The majority of his training was completed with Spiral Dance Directors Daniel and Leticia (Es.), Evelyn Magyari of (Ho), Mafie Zouker(Br.)and most recently intense two month training program with World Champion Performer/Choreographer Kamacho(Br.).

  Jonathan Co-Directs the Island Zouk Performance Team and the Island Zouk student team  which both perform locally and internationally in Zouk festivals around the world. In 2014 he created the Island Zouk Foundation a 501c3 to further the spread of Zouk in Hawaii.