Island Zouk Dance Training Course Hawaii 101


Island Zouk Dance Training Course Hawaii 101

195.00 295.00

Next Course Start dates:


Level-1 (3 months) Starts Dec 5th 2017 - Feb 27th 2018


Level-1 (3 months) Starts: March 6th 2018- May 29th 2018

Level- 2 (3 months) Starts: March 6th 2018- May 29th 2018



Our three month technique training courses are just what you need to have fun learning Brazilian Zouk! With the techniques we bring back from Brazil you be dancing with confidenc in no time!


Pre-registration & payment required by December 1st.

(please let us know if we can help in any way)


Contact Jonathan Troupe or Lena Seimeizs to register prior to course start date!

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Island Zouk continues to be the innovators of hawaii &  introduces a brand new renewable progressive series!! Level One will Official launch is set for December 5th, two weeks after this year's Hawaii ZOUK Festival 2017 W Salsa Bachata & Beach the largest Zouk Party in Hawaii.


The 101 progressive series: "Beginner to Badass," will be a 12 week, 18 hour preparation for your Zouk journey! Begin with a class of beginners and graduate into a solid beginner who can go have fun at the parties! 

- New to Zouk? Want to improve your dance before meeting hundreds of Zoukers from across the globe in the Sheraton Waikiki ballroom? This is an amazing opportunity to refine, drill, practice and prepare for greatness!


Some things we will cover and offer in this series:

- Specific Renata Pecanha training in technique and movements, the universal language of Zoukers world-wide strait from Brazil!

Concepts and ideas shared by master Jaime Aroxa during the 2017 Rio Zouk 30 Day Immersion Course in Rio de Janiero.

- Musicality and timing, connecting movements and music

- Lead/follow dynamics that will instill you with confidence

- Balance, stability and frame for the most fluid dance experience

- Strength-training and drills to create muscle memory and proficiency

- Personalized feedback and coaching from several instructors.



The cost the first training series spanning 12 weeks is 195.00


Each class will be 90 minutes in duration. You receive 18 hours of specialized training for only $11/hr!!

Island Zouk Team Members receive a special discount or incentive for participating. Please ask Jonathan or Lena for details.


Location: is in Manoa Studio double check FB event for final location verdict. 


Note: This event is exclusive to those who pre-register on the website or sign up directly with an Island Zouk team leader. Please contact Lena Siemiesz with all questions and confirmations.